Struckd Economy FAQ

Last updated: 11-28-2022

Struckd Economy Overview

The Struckd Economy Program is designed with our users in mind. As part of the program, Struckd users can buy or earn a virtual currency called Struckd Coins.¹ Coins can be earned by creating exchange conditions in a game. As an example, a very powerful weapon might be unlocked for Struckd Coins. Struckd Coins can be spent on Struckd-created games made by other players.

All the Struckd Coins spent on your game will go directly to you. The more fun and balanced your game is, the more Struckd Coins you can earn.  Balancing is one of the most challenging parts of game design; nonetheless, with the help of others, you can master it. You can exchange your skills, talents, and knowledge with other community members on our Struckd Discord Server.

  • How can I get Struckd Coins?
    You can either buy them or earn them with your games.

  • How can I buy Struckd Coins?
    Click on the Struckd Coin icon at the top right of the app. You can buy them on Android and/or Apple via the Google Play Store and/or Apple App Store.
  • How can I earn Struckd Coins?
    You need a monetization method in your game. The simplest way is to create a game and add a premium item (highlighted by the little diamond icon in the asset preview) such as “Legendary Hammer”. You can see how many coins you earned with your game(s) if you click on the Struckd Coin in the top right corner and select the “Earn Coins” Tab.
  • Note: Be aware that you need to create an account with Tilia in order to earn Struckd Coins. You need to be at least 18 years of age or older to create an account, use the Tilia service and be eligible to buy and earn Struckd Coins.

  • How many Struckd Coins do I receive from each purchase?
  • Can I use earned Struckd Coins to buy items in other games?
    Yes, you can use your earned Struckd Coins in games created by other users as long as they are within the Struckd App.
  • I can’t find the monetization options in the create mode.
    Monetization options are highlighted by a little Diamond Icon. If you can’t find them it might be not available due to your age and/or country.
  • When I play my own game, will I have to use Struckd Coins to test the design of my game?
    No. We added a test purchase method to test the design of your game.
  • I gathered Struckd Points before, but now the new Struckd Coins show a balance of 0. Why?
    The Struckd Points were an old progression reward and they are completely different from Struckd Coins. You can still find your Struckd Points  on your Profile page as XP.

¹ Struckd Coins are issued and managed by our provider partner, Tilia LLC (“Tilia”) under the Tilia User Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.