Community Guidelines

Welcome to Struckd’s Community Guidelines!

We want Struckd to be a safe platform for everyone to enjoy creating and playing amazing games. As an active member of the Struckd community, we ask that you be mindful of creating an inclusive environment for all and follow our community guidelines.

What topics do our Community Guidelines cover?
Which behaviors are not tolerated on Struckd?
What happens when a user or a game does not follow our guidelines?
How to report a game or a user?
Protect your privacy
Struckd’s best practices:

  • Create an account
  • Optimize your user profile
  • Find a good title and a cool description for your game
  • Support games and creators you like
  • Join our online community
  • Support Struckd

For your relationship, rights, and obligations with Struckd, please visit the Terms of Service.

Which behaviors are not tolerated on Struckd?

To ensure that Struckd remains a safe place for everyone, we have a zero-tolerance policy regarding discriminatory behavior in our application. It includes, but is not limited to, discrimination based on:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Disability
  • Ethnicity
  • Color
  • Geographical Origins
  • Religion

We want Struckd to remain a neutral space. Any reference to a political topic or opinion must be avoided, as well as gray areas including (but not limited to) religion and geopolitical conflicts.

Any form of harassment, threat, or defamation towards anyone inside or outside the community will be severely punished.

Spam, scams, or other deceptive practices that take advantage of Struckd users are prohibited. We do not tolerate content that is intended to deceive others into leaving Struckd for another application or website.

Finally, vulgar language (sexually explicit or offensive) has no place in Struckd.

This list applies to all content on our application, including games, in-game dialogs, game titles and descriptions, comments, and usernames.

What happens when a user or a game does not follow our guidelines?

When a report is received, our moderation team will seriously consider the situation on a case-by-case basis to take appropriate action. The sanctions can range from a warning, inviting the user to change the inappropriate content, to a ban if the user continues to post offensive or inappropriate content.

In any case, Struckd reserves the right to edit content that does not comply with the rules and, in extreme cases, remove it from the application.

How to report a game or a user?

We can all help make Struckd a safe place for creators and players. Whether you’re a victim or a bystander of unsolicited behavior, you’re entitled to report it.

Suppose you notice a game or a user that does not follow our community guidelines. In that case, we invite you to use the report function.

To do this, go to the application settings and tap “Report a user/game”. If you have an email application installed on your mobile device, it will automatically open a draft email.

You can also send us an email directly at

What information do our moderators need to process a report?

To help our moderators process your reports efficiently, here is the information you need to share with us:

  • The name of the game/user involved
  • The reason why the content/user is problematic (e.g., racism, homophobia, harassment)
  • The location where we can find the content. When possible, such as for a game or a comment on a game, you can share the link using the share function.
  • Adding a screenshot of the problematic content is also a good idea.

Here is a template to help you write a report:

Subject: Reporting a game/user

Dear Struckd Team,

I want to report a game/user for the reason of your report.

You can find inappropriate content at the content location.

Here is the link to the game concerned: link to the game.

I have added screenshots as an attachment.


Protect your privacy

For your safety, we advise you to keep your personal information private. Do not share personal data in the app or on our social media channels.

Struckd’s best practices

In this section, we’ll share tips on getting the most out of your experience on Struckd and its incredible community of players and creators.

Create an account

We strongly recommend that you create an account and stay logged in. This way, you ensure that you can always retrieve your draft and edit your existing games. Moreover, it allows you to simultaneously access your creations/drafts on multiple devices.

Optimize your user profile

Choose an appropriate username, something you like, and that is respectful to other users. Remember that your username will be visible as a creator when publishing a game and as a player in multiplayer games. Please do not use personal information or other information that you would NOT like to share with the public in your username.

Create an avatar! It’s much more fun when there are different characters in a multiplayer game, and your teammates or enemies can quickly identify you. In addition, your avatar’s face will be used as your profile picture.

Find a good title and a cool description for your game

In combination with the cover of your game, the title is the first thing players see. Choose it carefully! It should be original so as not to be confused with other games. A unique title will make it easier to find your masterpiece in search results.

Tip: When displayed on the main screen, only the first 14 or 15 letters of your title will be visible, so make your first words catchy!

The description of your game is also essential. Many players will look at it to see if your game meets their expectations. It should be informative but also convincing to attract their curiosity.

Here are some things you can mention in the description:

  • Game mode: single-player VS multiplayer
  • Theme: adventure, dungeon, zombie, fantasy, alien, puzzle,…
  • Pitch your story! If it’s a narrative game, don’t hesitate to mention it in the description so that players don’t miss your excellent storytelling skills!
  • The goal of your game: defeat the enemy, protect the camp, find the exit, win the race,…

Support games and creators you like

There are multiple ways to support the games and creators you like.

First of all, “Like” the games you enjoy playing by using the “Like” button.

It allows them to gain visibility. It’s also gratifying for creators to know that players enjoy their games, giving them extra motivation to keep creating new and exciting games!

After playing a new game, we encourage you to leave a review. Knowing what you like about the game will encourage new players to try it. It’s also important to give constructive feedback and suggestions to the creators to help them improve their games.

Join our online community

Do you know what makes the magic of Struckd? Our amazing community!

Become an active member of the Struckd community: meet and exchange with thousands of other players and creators on our various social media platforms.

Join our  Facebook group and Discord groups. There you can share your creations, ideas, and suggestions. You can also chat with other Struckd members about various topics related – or not – to the app.

Support Struckd

There are at least a few ways you can support Struckd!

Share feedback with our team

Your feedback is valuable and helps us improve Struckd every day!

Whether you have a suggestion, want to report a bug, or want to share your thoughts on the app, we’d love to hear from you:

Create, play & share

Use social media to promote your games and show the world your creative skills!

Tag us or use the following hashtags: #createwithstruckd #playonstruckd #struckd3d #createshareplay

Share your gaming/creative sessions on streaming platforms (like Twitch or Youtube) and start building your community!

Follow us on social media

Stay up to date with the latest news from Struckd by joining one or all of our channels:

Support other existing community platforms

If you feel like doing something more, you can support other existing community platforms – for example, user-generated wikis or other fan media. We are thrilled to see that players are engaging with them!

Last but not least, rate the app!

If you like Struckd, support the app by giving us five stars and a positive review on the App Store or Play Store.