Struckd Content Transparency

Published: Feb 16th 2024

This page contains policies that set out what content is and isn’t allowed to be provided by a user of Struckd (collectively, “Provided Content”).  Unity moderates Provided Content in our Offerings (including Struckd) based on these policies with the aim of creating a safe online environment for users. 

The supplemental policies and principles below constitute “Additional Terms” and are incorporated into the Struckd Terms of Service (“Struckd Terms of Service”),which governs your use of the Offerings. Capitalized terms used but not defined herein have the meanings given such terms in the Struckd Terms of Service.

Before using Struckd please review the following information and ensure that you are in compliance with Unity’s content policies when using Struckd. Please note that examples provided are for illustrative purposes only and are not exhaustive. 

Unacceptable Content

Unacceptable Content means any Prohibited Content or Restricted Content provided by a user of Struckd:  

  • Prohibited Content is any of Your Content that is not allowed pursuant to the Struckd Terms of Service  
  • Restricted Content is any of Your Content t that it is not allowed pursuant to the Struckd Terms of Service without prior authorization by Unity or without meeting additional requirements. 

Prohibited Content

  • Intellectual Property and Legal Infractions
    • Illegal Content, including content that infringes, misappropriates or attempts to infringe or misappropriate any third party right such as intellectual property or proprietary rights of any person (including privacy and publicity rights) or violates or attempts to violate any applicable laws or regulations.
    • Discussions on pirated software or illegal activity. 
  •  Misleading and Deceptive Content
    • Fraudulent, false, misleading, deceptive, or defamatory content.
    • Unsolicited or unauthorized communications, such as promotional materials, email, junk mail, spam, chain letters or other forms of solicitation. 
    • Internet “links” to content that is not associated with, connected or related to the original content. 
    • Unverified AI-generated responses or AI-generated content not marked as such.
  • Offensive and Harmful Content:
    • Hateful or discriminatory content, including offensive content that is based on race, gender, color, religious belief, sexual orientation, disability .
    • Profane or vulgar content.  
    • Harmful, threatening, obscene, infringing, harassing, disturbing, violent or shocking content.
    • Pornographic or sexually suggestive content.
  • Malicious and Destructive Content 
    • Malicious/ Deceptive Software or Operations such as viruses, worms, defects, malware, spyware, malicious code or other destructive content that could have an adverse impact on any software, data, computer systems, networks, hardware or and devices.
    • Forge any TCP/IP packet header or any part of the header information in any email or newsgroup posting, or in any way use the Site, Communities, Website Content or user content (other than your own content) to send altered, source-identifying information. 
  • Content Impersonation and Misrepresentation
    • Content that impersonates or misrepresents an affiliation with any person or entity. 
  • Sensitive and Restricted Content 
    • Discussions on political issues as well as gray areas including but not limited to religion, race, and sex. 
    • Confidential information.
  • Promotional and Solicitation Content
    • Content promoting illegal or harmful activities or substances.
    • Content which promotes or incites Prohibited Content.

Restricted Content

  • Content that implies Unity’s sponsorship or affiliation, including any form of content utilizing a Unity trademark, logo URL or product name. 
  • Content containing personal information, including child, sensitive, or biometric personal information as may be defined by applicable laws unless expressly authorized. 

Actions Due to Unacceptable Content 

Unity may take some or all of following actions in respect to Unacceptable Content:

  • Provide information about a user 
  • Remove/ disable access to/ restrict visibility of content
  • Require modification of content
  • Please note: Unity reserves to edit and make such changes to content
  • Suspend/ terminate portions of the service
  • Suspend/ terminate an account
  • Suspend/ terminate/ restrict monetization of content
  • Alert local authorities if we are suspicious of a serious criminal offense

In determining whether to suspend or terminate an account, a number of factors  are taken into account including:

  • If an account is responsible for providing prohibited content, particularly if such content is illegal. 
  • Severity of the violation: Unity reserves the right to permanently suspend an account without warning for serious violations such as:
    • Issuing threats punishable by law
    • Displaying aggression based on race or political views
    • Exhibiting aggression towards LGBTQ+
    • Incitement of illegal activities 
  • Repeated violations: If an account repeatedly violates Unity’s content policies. Four or more violations in one year may result in account suspension. A user may review their violation history in the in-app settings, under the profile section.

As a user of Struckd, you direct Unity to action content in order to comply with the Digital Services Act (Regulation (EU) 2022/2065) (“DSA”) and any other applicable laws.

If you are subject to an action under Article 17 of the DSA and we have your electronic contact details, we will provide you with a Statement of Reasons. 

Procedures & Measures for Content Moderation

Unity conducts content moderation activities as a result of a report. You can see how to report restricted content below under "Reporting Unacceptable Content".

Unity also has additional procedures and measures for content moderation as outlined below. 

Unity may use both automated and human review means of moderation, including:

  • A review of content prior to displaying such content to ensure compliance with our content policies and procedures prior to distribution, and
  • Allowing viewers of the content to report such content.

Teams who are engaged in the content moderation process are trained to review content to ensure compliance with our content policies and procedures. Content may be reviewed upon receipt of a content report to determine compliance and appropriateness. 

Automation tooling may be used to analyze content in the following ways:

  • To detect and restrict Unacceptable Content in images being uploaded by Struckd users

Where we use automation, we ensure safeguards are in place such as:

  • Human determination and review of testing of the threshold criteria
  • The inclusion of periodic human review
  • Communication with those subject to a moderation action

Reporting Unacceptable Content 

If you are residing in the European Union, you can report Unacceptable Content here . Once received, a member of our team will review the report and take any necessary action. There is no automation or algorithmic decision making in this process. 

When submitting a report, please include the following information to assist Unity in identifying Unacceptable Content: 

  • The name of the game/user involved
  • URL and/ or screenshot where available 
  • The reason why the content/user is problematic (e.g., racism, homophobia, harassment)

Additional reporting mechanisms are outlined below.

Please note, while the below are valid mechanisms for reporting content, they are not intended to satisfy a Notice and Action mechanism (Article 16) under the European Digital Services Act. For Article 16 notices, please use the European Union mechanism listed above. 

If you would like to report an Intellectual Property infringement under the DMCA, please see IP Policy & Takedown Requests .

Appealing Content Moderation Restrictions

If you are residing in the European Union and believe we have made an incorrect decision about a content moderation restriction imposed on your content or account, you may submit an appeal here within six months of being notified of the restriction. When you submit an appeal, it will be reviewed by a member of our team. Regardless of the outcome, you will be notified of our decision as well as available possibilities for redress. 

If you otherwise believe we have made an incorrect decision about a content moderation restriction imposed on your content or account, you may submit an appeal in the following ways:

  • In-app by locating the settings and selecting "Need Help? Get support”
  • Through our Support Team, by responding to the moderation notification.

Recommender System Transparency

Struckd uses a number of recommendation features. This section provides information on how our recommendations work. 

Recommendation Features Factor considered in determining which games to show Can a user modify or influence these factors?
Most SuperLike Games  Our system calculates which games received the highest number of SuperLikes in the last seven (7) days. No
Trending & Popular Games Our system accounts for various considerations, such as:
  • Number of plays 
  • Number of likes 
  • Duration of play 
  • The “age” of the game (when it was created)
All these factors are accounted for by our system and weighted based on their potential relevance. A strong indicator of relevance, such as whether there is frequent long play durations, would receive greater weight than a weak indicator, such as creator popularity which is not taken into account. 
Suggested Games (i.e. You may also like) Our system accounts for various considerations, such as:
  • Game assets (for example, a racing game may contain assets like cars, roads, etc.) 
  • Number of likes (over/under a certain threshold) 
All these factors are accounted for by our system and weighted based on their potential relevance. A strong indicator of relevance, such as game assets, would receive greater weight than a weak indicator, such as game likes when over a certain threshold. 
No. Please note, these suggestions are not tied to a user's profile, it is based on games interacted with in a single session. 
Search bar Our search bar accounts for various considerations, such as:
  • Search Query
  • Number of likes 
All these factors are accounted for by our search bar and weighted based on their potential relevance. A strong indicator of relevance, such as whether there is an exact match for the search query, would receive greater weight than a weak indicator, such as the number of likes. 

Digital Services Act

This section sets out the provisions applicable to individuals residing  in the European Union under the Digital Services Act (“DSA”). 

Transparency Reports 

Unity has prepared the following transparency reports to comply with our obligations under the DSA. 

Redress Options 

 If you are an individual or entity residing  in the EU, you will have a number of redress options available as outlined in this section.

The redress options do not preclude you from seeking judicial redress or any rights under the Struckd Terms of Service or such other applicable agreements between you and Unity or its applicable Affiliates, which governs your use of the Services.

Notices submitted under Article 16

If you submitted an Article 16 notice through Unity’s Content Report Ticketing System, and have concerns regarding the decision made you may submit a complaint here .

Appealing a Decision

If we have taken an action on your content or account and you wish to appeal it, you may submit an appeal here within six (6) months from action. The appeal should include the following information: 

  • Your contact information; 
  • Identification of the content and moderation action in question
  • A statement explaining the reasons why you believe the content or account was wrongfully removed/disabled
  • Any supporting evidence or legal arguments to substantiate your claims

Out of Court Dispute Settlement

If you remain dissatisfied with the outcome of our internal review, you have the option to engage in a dispute settlement process outside of the court system. This is a non-binding process that allows you to have your dispute reviewed by a neutral third party. You are entitled to select any out-of-court dispute settlement body that has been certified by your Member State. 

Judicial Proceeding

If you believe that your concerns are not adequately addressed through our internal mechanisms or out-of-court settlement, you have the option to pursue legal action through the appropriate legal channels, such as filing a lawsuit or complaint in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. 

Suspension of Users under the DSA 

Providing Illegal Content 

If you misuse Struckd by frequently providing manifestly illegal content we may suspend your Account. We will notify you prior to enacting a suspension. 

A suspension will last thirty (30) days, and we will issue a warning prior to enacting it. A second suspension will increase to sixty (60) days, a third suspension to 90 days, and so on.

In making the decision to suspend a user, the following is taken into consideration:

  • We consider the circumstances outlined above in Actions Due to Unacceptable Content to be sufficient for a suspension. 
  • We consider one offense referred to in Articles 3 to 7 of Directive 2011/93/EU to be sufficient for account termination and we will promptly inform law enforcement or judicial authorities of the Member State or Member States concerned 
  • We consider one offense referred to in Article 18 of the Digital Services Act (criminal offense involving a threat to the life or safety of a person or persons) to be sufficient for account termination and we will promptly inform law enforcement or judicial authorities of the Member State or Member States concerned 

Submitting Manifestly Unfounded Notices & Complaints 

If you misuse our complaint notification system by frequently submitting complaints that are manifestly unfounded, we may suspend your access to the complaint notification system. We will notify you prior to enacting a suspension. 

We consider three unfounded notices or two unfounded notices alleging offenses referred to in Articles 3 to 7 of Directive 2011/93/EU to be sufficient for a suspension. 

A suspension will last thirty (30) days, and we will issue a warning prior to enacting it. A second suspension will increase to sixty (60) days, a third suspension to 90 days, and so on.

Unity Point of Contact 

Pursuant to Articles 11 and 12 of the DSA, DSA Compliance Lead has been designated as Unity’s point of contact for communications with Member State authorities, the European Commission, the European Board for Digital Services, and recipients of the service. 

The EU Member State in which we have our main establishment is Denmark.The language(s) which can be used to communicate with Unity are English and Danish.

Struckd’s best practices

In this section, we’ll share tips on getting the most out of your experience on Struckd and its incredible community of players and creators.

Create an account

We strongly recommend that you create an account and stay logged in. This way, you ensure that you can always retrieve your draft and edit your existing games. Moreover, it allows you to simultaneously access your creations/drafts on multiple devices.

Optimize your user profile

Choose an appropriate username, something you like, and that is respectful to other users. Remember that your username will be visible as a creator when publishing a game and as a player in multiplayer games. Please do not use personal information or other information that you would NOT like to share with the public in your username.

Create an avatar! It’s much more fun when there are different characters in a multiplayer game, and your teammates or enemies can quickly identify you. In addition, your avatar’s face will be used as your profile picture.

Find a good title and a cool description for your game

In combination with the cover of your game, the title is the first thing players see. Choose it carefully! It should be original so as not to be confused with other games. A unique title will make it easier to find your masterpiece in search results.

Tip: When displayed on the main screen, only the first 14 or 15 letters of your title will be visible, so make your first words catchy!

The description of your game is also essential. Many players will look at it to see if your game meets their expectations. It should be informative but also convincing to attract their curiosity.

Here are some things you can mention in the description:

  • Game mode: single-player VS multiplayer
  • Theme: adventure, dungeon, zombie, fantasy, alien, puzzle,…
  • Pitch your story! If it’s a narrative game, don’t hesitate to mention it in the description so that players don’t miss your excellent storytelling skills!
  • The goal of your game: defeat the enemy, protect the camp, find the exit, win the race,…

Support games and creators you like

There are multiple ways to support the games and creators you like.

First of all, “Like” the games you enjoy playing by using the “Like” button.

It allows them to gain visibility. It’s also gratifying for creators to know that players enjoy their games, giving them extra motivation to keep creating new and exciting games!

After playing a new game, we encourage you to leave a review. Knowing what you like about the game will encourage new players to try it. It’s also important to give constructive feedback and suggestions to the creators to help them improve their games.

Join our online community

Do you know what makes the magic of Struckd? Our amazing community!

Become an active member of the Struckd community: meet and exchange with thousands of other players and creators on our various social media platforms.

Join our  Facebook group and Discord groups. There you can share your creations, ideas, and suggestions. You can also chat with other Struckd members about various topics related – or not – to the app.

Support Struckd

There are at least a few ways you can support Struckd!

Share feedback with our team

Your feedback is valuable and helps us improve Struckd every day!

Whether you have a suggestion, want to report a bug, or want to share your thoughts on the app, we’d love to hear from you:

Create, play & share

Use social media to promote your games and show the world your creative skills!

Tag us or use the following hashtags: #createwithstruckd #playonstruckd #struckd3d #createshareplay

Share your gaming/creative sessions on streaming platforms (like Twitch or Youtube) and start building your community!

Follow us on social media

Stay up to date with the latest news from Struckd by joining one or all of our channels:

Support other existing community platforms

If you feel like doing something more, you can support other existing community platforms – for example, user-generated wikis or other fan media. We are thrilled to see that players are engaging with them!

Last but not least, rate the app!

If you like Struckd, support the app by giving us five stars and a positive review on the App Store or Play Store.