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Dive into a world of infinite gaming on mobile—play, create and share your games without coding
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Search through an ever-expanding list of great 3D games all in one platform
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Choose from over 1500+ free assets to create anything you can imagine. Make levels easy to play or give the community a real challenge – it’s all in your hands with this fun, flexible game-maker.
Create with no code
You don’t need code to create with Struckd – only imagination. Our drag-and-drop tool lets anyone, anywhere create awesome games in just a few minutes. Change any character's stats and behavior for more interesting gameplay experiences.
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Share your creations and get plays and likes from the community. Struckd’s community brings gamers together from over 150 countries around the world.
Build on your favorite games
Find a game that inspires you? Build on top of it! Struckd lets players copy creations and make cool changes to produce something new.
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Take the next step in the Browser: design immersive RPGs, thrilling shooters, fast-paced racing games or go rogue and make up your own rules. You are the game-changer with the advanced Struckd Web app!
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You’ve mastered Struckd – now go bigger. Export your projects to the fully featured Unity Editor to refine and enhance your gameplay, add advanced mechanics, and expand on your ideas. Then, reach new audiences by publishing your games on popular app stores and any of the 28 platforms that Unity supports.
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Connect with Struckd gamers from all over the world. Play games from others, find inspiration and share your own creations with the community. Need a hand? Check out our FAQs and get time-saving tips!
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Hi, I'm Karel from the Czech Republic. I got into Struckd in 2018 while looking for simple game development software, as I had no experience. Struckd helped me a lot with level design, which I now apply in the Unity engine. I've created over 40 games, with Eldan Story being the most popular, played over 1 million times.
I came across Struckd while searching for game creation apps. I get the most satisfaction building worlds and testing gameplay. It’s easy to spend hours on the smallest details. I also enjoy helping other creators whenever I can. I’m looking forward to what the Struckd team releases in the future and can’t wait to create the best games that I can.
I didn't have a powerful PC, but Struckd on my phone was a game-changer. No coding is needed, just drag-and-drop which allowed me to focus on game design. The vast asset library, multiplayer options, and gathering feedback from other users helped me a lot. Regular updates keep me creating. I joined in 2018, made 50+ games and video tutorials on YT.
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