Struckd Studio experimental release


Welcome to the Struckd Experimental Release!

We’re glad to have you here. We’re at the initial stages of something really cool, and this time, we’d love to get you more involved. Your participation and input are valuable to us, as they’ll define how we deliver this feature to best suit your preferences. 

What’s New:

We are building and testing our custom logic system and we’d like you to try it. You can find it in the “attributes” panel on the right-hand side, right where you’d add behaviors or weapons. 

Worth Mentioning:

  • Instructions and guidelines are not yet available, therefore, understanding some basics might be a bit challenging. Tutorials and FAQs are in the works, but in the meantime, feel free to share your feedback with us. 
  • This version is exclusive for Single-player (we will add Multiplayer in future updates). 
  • Bugs, freezes, conflicts, and incomplete features are knowingly still there – please let us know if you encounter any.

Does This Work for Published Games?  

While this feature remains an experiment at this point, you should be able to publish games with unique logic and conditions to play on Struckd Mobile.

Participate and Share

Share your experiences and suggestions on our dedicated Discord channel or contact us via ticket by submitting a request.

Thank you for being part of the Struckd community!